ACONA helps you to optimize your content - intelligent and simple

ACONA stands for Augmented Content Analytics - an open source tool that automatically analyzes and simplifies data, for example from server logs or existing (open source) analytics tools, and proposes concrete measures for optimizing content.

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Nearly every website operator has integrated an analytics tool, but very often without benefit. Usually the know-how or even the time to interpret the data is missing. ACONA helps by automatically analysing the data, simplifying it (insights) and suggesting concrete measures.

ACONA reduces the dependency on large analytics providers, because the database can also come from self-installed open source tools like Matomo or your own Serverlog.

What is the ACONA Suite?

ACONA is integrated
The insights can be displayed directly in the CMS, i.e. where the content is created or maintained. So you get support and tips exactly where you need them.

ACONA is flexible
Data from different sources can be added. For example from the open source tool Matomo or from server logs.

ACONA is Open Source
The system can thus be better tailored to your own needs than existing tools.


The project is currently in Beta. If you are interested to check it out please write us an e-mail.
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